We free people from the old way of working by leveraging future technologies. 


We migrate to the cloud

to make your group communication faster

Our tech team helps you implementing Google’s enterprise solution within your company. Our cloud specialists will not only guide you through the migration, but will also remain your ongoing support and advisory partner for tools like Slack, Confluence, Pipedrive, Backupify.

We work in the cloud

to make your teams
more productive

Our training team helps you to establish new ways of working to make your teams super efficient. The trainings do not only focus on tools but also on methods that boost productivity, fix meeting culture and simplify collaboration.

We develop for the cloud

to help you automating
your workflows

Our development team builds apps on the Google cloud platform that save time and automate manual processes. One of our apps is an HR tool for vacation management: cloud-vacation.com a company wide app to manage, plan and keep track of all vacations 100% integrated within your G Suite (Google Apps for Work) account.

Blackboat Style

We are on a mission to free people from the old way of working by leveraging future technology (primarily by leveraging cloud technology that improves group communication and collaboration). We believe that ‘the cloud’ is the new standard for collaboration and how we will organize our work. We help our clients implementing cloud tools and establishing new ways of working to make their teams super productive. Find out more in this short Youtube video we did with one of our clients. You find a story why and how we started on Christoph’s (our founder) website.

Our crew members migrated and run more than 10k cloud accounts, trained thousands of people to get more stuff done by using tools like Slack, Confluence or G Suite (Google Apps) and developed time-saving apps like cloud-vacation.com or cloud-beat.com. Our senior team has started and operated their own companies. That’s why we do everything based on our own entrepreneurial experience. So if you want to stay ahead stay with us.

Want to send us thoughts or feedback? You can email our CEO and any leading Crew Member directly (see below).

Living proof

“We absolutely enjoyed working with Christoph during our yearly management workshop in which he helped us to sharpen our strategy and put the focus onto the right projects. Together with his team he also supported us to build a more professional sales structure with the basic sales training.”

Dirk Graber,

CEO & Founder at Mister Spex GmbH

„Christoph is the ultimate focus fatalist. He gets where you are failing at focusing and puts you back on the right tracks for productivity in the blink of an eye!“

Olivier Perez,

CEO at ENIGMAprod.ch

„Als führender Anbieter von Managed Linux Servern in der Schweiz bauen wir unsere Vertriebsaktivitäten kontinuierlich aus und konnten mit Blackboat einen Partner gewinnen, der mit extrem praxisorientiertem Vorgehen punktet und viel Begeisterung und Herzblut bei der Verbesserung unseres Sales an den Tag legt.“

Geschäftsführer nine.ch

“Our employees got the Zencover Books for a few years now. It is nice to give them a useful book that also helps to better organize their everyday life. It is important to me, that everyone understands which benefits focused working can have for themselves and for the whole company. That is why every team member participated in the Zencover Stay Focused Workshop with Christoph Magnussen, where we could learn how crucial focus is today, how to avoid distractions and much more.”


Adrian Locher,

Founder & COO at Goodshine AG (DeinDeal.ch)

„Working with Christoph is a great pleasure. His training helped me largely to increase my personal productivity in a very dynamic working environment. His straight analysis of my individual working habits identified some clear action points. Subsequently his structured approach enabled me to work on these action points in order to quickly gain more focus and productivity potentials, from a better organized Mailbox, to a straighter workday planning and more effective meetings. I would be happy if more of our employees would get the opportunity to work with Christoph!“


Bernhard Sack,

Geschäftsführer, tel-inform GmbH

“Christoph supported us in the last three years to grow our company from a  small startup team of 7 people to a professional organization with over 100 employees. His management techniques and his philosophy of how people should collaborate is still a major influence today.“

Christian Wolf,

Founder at asgoodas.nu GmbH (wirkaufens.de)

„Blackboat helped my team of 20 people within a couple of days to increase our company’s productivity. In the Stay Focused Course we learned new collaboration techniques that are now an essential part of our daily working routine and get more stuff done than ever. Moreover it is great fun to work with these guys: They are professional, always on time and excellent communicators, who have a lot of experience in their field.“


Torsten Oppermann,

Founder & Managing Director at DELASOCIAL GmbH

“Managing a fast growing company is challenging. Finding the right business model and then scaling it is mission-critical. More critical than managing the operations of the company, which is why the latter is all too often neglected. Christoph and the whole Blackboat team helped us tremendously to keep our organization effective and efficient when we were busy finding the right model. They helped us to succeed by taking care of the operations of our company. I can highly recommend working with Christoph and his team!”


Daniel Hoffmann ,

Founder & CEO at finanzen.de AG

“Consultants at Blackboat are the ideal partners to gain in efficiency both in startups as well as in established companies. Their workshops are effective, dense and enable a quick transition from theory to practice. Thanks to their Focus techniques, we have strongly won in productivity in less than a week.”


Olivier Perez,

CEO at ENIGMA Geneva Switzerland

“Blackboat introduced us to Google Apps. We thought Google Apps was just about email and calendar in the cloud, but the training and onboarding program that the Blackboat team provided in their video conference with us introduced us to a whole new understanding of collaboration and team productivity. That was real value for money to us!”

Kyan Noack,

CEO & Founder at DeinDesign GmbH

“Christoph was doing a great job building the operations of our portfolio company wirkaufens.de. Getting Christoph onboard was a major step forward for the team.”


Pawel Chudzinski,

Managing Partner at Point Nine Capital

Here are some of the clients our crew members have been working for.

Meet our team

Christoph Magnussen

Founder & CEO christoph@blackboat.com

Nils Göldner

Account Executive

Antonia Schmitz

Account Executive

Katinka Magnussen

Business Development

Michael Babietz

Cloud Advisory

Alexander Bolwin

Cloud Advisory Team

Leonie Bourgeois

Brand Development

Max Brosius

Product Development Team

Daniel Bolwin

Cloud Support

Myriam Locher

Crew Member & Partner

Adrian Locher

Senior Advisor

Christian Emigholz

Cloud Advisory Team

Willy Cai

Cloud Development Team

Alexander Matte

Cloud Development Team

Hauke Witte

Cloud Development Team